How to Prepare for the Cambridge First (FCE) Exam

FCE Exam

FCE is a standardized English test which is popularly accepted as the equal of B2 level in the European Common Framework. It proves you can use everyday written and spoken English for work or study purposes. Like other certified English tests, getting a good score for this test can be used to prove your English … Read more

Tips for GMAT Preparation

GMAT Preparation

GMAT is a test commonly taken by those who plan on enrolling to a good business school. The better the score of the GMAT, the bigger chance of getting accepted. In order to succeed in this test, there are some common tips that can be implemented in the preparation which should start several months before … Read more

4 Steps to Perform Well in the SAT Exam

The SAT is one of the main requirements to enroll to a university in the USA. Quite a lot of students dread their encounter with the test. However, should you know the right steps, the test should be less scary than expected. Whether the preparation is done through the SAT preparation book, class or private … Read more

ACT vs SAT What is the Key Difference?

America is one of the top destinations to study. A lot of students worldwide plan on continuing the study there. One of the requirements is to successfully take the SAT or ACT tests. Previously, these two tests were mainly differentiated by the regional locations of the campuses and universities: those on the east and west … Read more

Learning English as a Second Language

As the international language, English is used in most countries and spoken by billions of people worldwide. Mastering this language is not a must, but the one thing to note is that this language mastery comes with lots of benefits, some of which are easier access to global communities and information, bigger opportunities to study … Read more

About ExamPrepBooks

Have you ever wanted to buy a product to help you prepare for an upcoming exam and been confused on which product is best? Or, even worse, purchased a product only to later learn that the product was of poor quality or did not fit your needs? We here at ExamPrepBooks have, and is why … Read more